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Home Inspection Students

Edcetera Home Inspection launches as the first in a series of comprehensive upskilling and education programs for licensed professionals and skilled tradespeople


WAUKESHA, WISC. (JUNE 14, 2022) – Edcetera, a developer of online courses for professional development, board examination, and occupational licensure in skilled trades and licensed professions, announced today the launch of an upskilling and professional development platform for home inspectors, Edcetera Home Inspection. As the leader in the home inspection industry, Edcetera brings its depth and breadth of content and training to this new platform including Inspection Certification Associates (ICA), which has trained more than 20,000 licensed home inspectors in its 10-year history. The newly created online hub provides new and existing home inspectors with a full suite of resources to start and successfully run their business, including marketing advice, discounts on tools and professional development, mentorship, and networking. 

“Home inspection is a prime example of an independent and flexible profession that offers a non-degree pathway to a well-paying and stable career, particularly for individuals who have a background in fields such as building trades, fire protection, law enforcement, and military service,” said Nader Qaimari, CEO of Edcetera. “Edcetera Home Inspection serves the entire professional lifecycle—from pre-licensure to retirement—while also providing inspectors with the tools, skills, coaching, and content they need to run a successful business and earn a living.”

Careers in home inspection offer a median annual wage of more than $61,000, nearly double the national median wage, and people can enter the field in a matter of months and without a college degree. In 33 U.S. states, home inspectors are required to sit for a board examination and maintain a professional license. 

The comprehensive home inspection offering on the Edcetera Home Inspection platform builds on Edcetera’s long history of providing pre-licensure courses, board examination prep, and continuing education to home construction and remodeling professions, including realty, architecture, engineering, and land surveying. The new platform will provide professionals with easy access to an extensive library of educational courses, expert webinars, on-demand video content, small business ownership resources, and other tools.

To meet the industry’s training and professional development needs, Edcetera Home Inspection will host a multitude of resources, including a library of existing courses from Inspection Certification Associates (ICA). Professionals enrolled in ICA’s pre-licensure courses will receive complimentary 12-month access to tools and resources designed to help jumpstart their careers.

In addition, home inspectors will also have access to an original program-created podcast and live webinars with expert home inspectors including Inspector AJ, a popular social media personality and industry expert, who will share insights on industry trends, business ownership advice, marketing tips, and lessons associated with specific trades such as HVAC, plumbing and solar. The site will also feature bonus content and courses that allow participants to expand their knowledge of different home systems, commercial buildings, and advanced inspection techniques such as the use of drones. 

Beyond helping home inspectors learn the fundamentals of the profession, Edcetera also offers continuing education opportunities and supplemental courses focused on small business ownership. Students can take part in courses that prepare them for industry-specific exams, join community forums to network with their peers, and pursue recruitment and retention opportunities at businesses that community members either already own or are looking to start.