Empowering People to Succeed

We help people achieve success at all stages in their career

Whether beginning a new career, preparing for licensing or board exams, or expanding skills and knowledge for an existing career, Edcetera can help. We provide the education, training, and support needed to help professionals and businesses learn, grow, and get ahead.

Pre-Licensure Training

Edcetera provides the functional training and business skills needed to start and succeed in a new career. Our industry-leading online and in-person courses are designed to let you learn at your own pace, and we provide all the information needed to start and grow your own business. Our expert instructors provide lifetime support to ensure success throughout your entire career.

Exam Preparation

Edcetera prepares people for licensing and certification exams so they can practice the career they have been dreaming of. Our online exam prep offerings have been created by experts who have first-hand experience and know what it takes to pass. Edcetera ensures our users know the specific content needed and are familiar with the exam format so they can pass.  We guarantee it.

Continuing Education

Edcetera grows your skills and knowledge by providing the continuing education you need to maintain your license and be successful. Our continuing education goes beyond traditional topics. We help you expand your technical and functional know-how and enhance your soft skills and business acumen through our innovative delivery approach and community of like-minded professionals.