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ICA banner announcing GI Bill funding approval for its home inspection training courses

Eligible veterans may now receive full tuition reimbursement for ICA’s online home inspection training courses 

ICA, an Edcetera company, announced it has received approval for GI Bill Education Benefits Funding, enabling eligible veterans to receive full reimbursement for the company’s online home inspector training course.

ICA’s online program, written by industry experts, thoroughly prepares students to conduct home inspections using recognized standards of practice. Graduates understand how to evaluate the condition of all systems in a home, identify hazards, pinpoint energy inefficiencies and produce comprehensive inspection reports. The course also trains graduates in topics related to starting and marketing a new home inspection business.

Thanks to relatively low barriers for entry, minimal physical requirements, and flexible work schedules, home inspection careers are popular for many veterans seeking careers after their service. In fact, throughout its 11-year history, many of ICA’s graduates have come from the armed forces. These veterans, who typically exhibit high levels of discipline and attention to detail, have been among the most successful new home inspector graduates.

“Having already helped hundreds of veterans become home inspectors, it’s extremely gratifying to now be able to help many more achieve their career goals at zero cost to them,” said Jesse Kennedy, ICA’s Director of Operations. “Our course can truly be life changing. By removing tuition as a potential barrier, this path to entrepreneurship is now available to many more people.”

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About Inspection Certification Associates (ICA)

ICA is an Edcetera company that provides home inspection pre-licensing and continuing education to students, professionals and companies. The mission of ICA is to enable people from all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds to become entrepreneurs.