Career success requires lifelong learning

Career success requires lifelong learning

Edcetera supports people at all stages in their careers by providing licensing, test preparation, continuing education, etc…

Innovating beyond traditional career and continuing education

Edcetera goes beyond helping you maintain your license with traditional education topics.  Through our innovative delivery approach and community of like-minded professionals, we provide courses, tools, and content that will enrich your professional and personal life and allow you to grow your career and business and better serve your customers.

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Pre-Licensure Training

The technical and business skills needed to start and succeed in a new career.

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Exam Preparation

Prepare for licensing and certification exams to take the next step in your career.

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Continuing Education

Expand your skills and knowledge to stay current with your license and industry trends.

We strive to help our customers, each other, and the world


We focus on professions with license or certification requirements within industries that are experiencing employment growth.

Skilled Trades

Delivered live in the classroom, online, and in a hybrid approach, our courses meet ever-changing state and industry requirements and serve a variety of skilled trades.

Health Care

We cover the information that health care professionals need to enhance their medical know-how, better service their patients, grow their practices, and support their mental wellness.

Licensed Professionals

We go beyond offering traditional topics and provide professionals the information needed to stay ahead of industry trends, grow their businesses, and meet state and regulatory requirements.

Meet Our Brands

Our collection of brands is unified through the common goal of helping people achieve success at all stages of their careers through education.