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by Lisa Hobart


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Edcetera, an ICA company, announces that it celebrates its 2023 scholarship winners.

Inspection Certification Associates (ICA), a division of Edcetera, is proud to announce the success of its scholarship program designed to support a diverse range of individuals in achieving their dreams of becoming professional home inspectors. Over the past year, ICA has awarded ten scholarships, each covering the full tuition of live class training – which can exceed $2000, depending on the state.

“Our goal with these scholarships is to break down barriers to entry in the home inspection industry,” says the marketing director for ICA, Jon Odishoo. “We are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of our scholarship recipients, whose diverse backgrounds and inspiring stories embody the spirit of the communities we serve.”

The recipients of ICA’s home inspection training scholarships come from various walks of life, each with a unique story:

• Christy Egenes from New Mexico, a dedicated caregiver to her elderly parents, whose ambition to become a home inspector is driven by the desire to support her family.
• Ephrem Tamene of Manitoba, Canada, a landscape designer and immigrant from Ethiopia, who seeks to balance work and life while aspiring to be an entrepreneur.
• Tanner Hill from Arkansas, with over 20 years in construction and a passion for gardening, who brings a keen eye for detail to the home inspection industry.
• Wendy Combs, a single mother from Georgia with a strong background in construction who is determined to elevate her career and provide for her family.
• Warren Walker III from Louisiana, who, after a military career and facing the trials of Hurricane Ida, aims to apply his knowledge for the betterment of his community.
• Dustin Lewis of Maine, a self-employed handyman with a focus on historic homes, who finds home inspection to be a perfect fit for his attention to detail, particularly as a person with Asperger’s syndrome.
• John Hutchinson III from Georgia, a former Navy serviceman, who seeks to protect his community from inadequate home inspections.
• Mary Klaser of Indiana, recognized for her dedication and potential in the field.
• Roberto Mota from Georgia, a construction expert and father of four, who is eager to carve out his own success as an independent business owner.
• Chase Haverson of North Carolina, an Amazon employee who dreams of entrepreneurship and cherishes the support from ICA to pursue his studies in home inspection.

Each scholarship recipient has expressed immense gratitude for the opportunity provided by ICA. For example, Ephrem Tamene shared, “The ICA scholarship has opened doors for me that I thought were closed. It’s a chance to reshape my career and provide a stable future for my family.”

According to the company, ICA’s scholarships are awarded monthly and are a testament to its commitment to fostering the growth of skilled professionals in the home inspection industry. The scholarships cover in-person or online home inspection training, valued at up to $2,500, with no strings attached. Recipients are given the flexibility to select training that meets their personal schedule and their state’s licensing requirements.

“Our student support team works closely with scholarship winners to navigate their licensing process,” adds Odishoo. “Our hope is that these deserving recipients can use our training as a launchpad for their career and future success.”

Applications for the scholarship are open year-round, with selections made monthly. Interested parties are encouraged to share their story and apply through the ICA website.

For more information about ICA or its monthly scholarships, please visit