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Inspector AJ TikTok

WAUKESHA, WISC. (MAY 25, 2022) Edcetera, developer of a popular suite of online courses for professional development, board examination, and occupational licensure in skilled trades and professions, announced today that it has signed a partnership with Austin Jenkins to expand its home inspection training content through Edcetera’s Inspection Certification Associates (ICA).  


Jenkins, an ICA graduate, is better known as Inspector AJ on TikTok where he has amassed an audience of 1.7M followers and around 34.3M views. His loyal and very large community enables him to tap into the growing demand for real estate-related content by answering viewer questions with an array of insider tips gathered throughout the span of his career. His slice-of-life videos capture the relevant ins and outs of the profession from conducting a new home inspection to interacting with clients and real estate agents and starting and growing his own business.


A Certified Professional Inspector (CPI), Jenkins first began his career in the armed forces where he served in the U.S. Air Force and US Army Reserve. During that period, he worked as an engineering supervisor, which provided him with the foundational knowledge in site design and construction that eventually led him to transition to the residential field. After completing his training through Edcetera’s Inspection Certification Associates he opened Quality Home Inspections, LLC in Tennessee. 


“Austin is the perfect example of the success you can have as a home inspector.  He brings his expertise and authenticity to his followers and we look forward to sharing that with our students and graduates,” said Nader Qaimari, chief executive officer of Edcetera. “By sharing the skills and knowledge he has gained with his TikTok audience and ICA students and graduates, Jenkins provides helpful insights in an engaging way and inspires a new, more diverse group to enter the home inspection industry.”


As part of the partnership, Jenkins will contribute behind-the-scenes content to Edcetera’s lifelong learning platform. In addition, he will take part in webinars, share the benefits of a home inspection career, and tips on how to start and grow a successful home inspection business.  He will also endorse and promote ICA, which has trained more than 20,000 home inspectors to meet individual state requirements. Jenkins explained in one of his videos posted to his YouTube channel, “Fortunately, ICA actually works with states and they are able to determine what education requirement is needed and how to get you there.”


Through his participation, Edcetera looks forward to introducing a new generation to a home inspection career and providing home inspectors the skills they need to grow their businesses.  Collectively, this bolsters the growth not only of Edcetera’s home inspection offerings, but also its ability to provide career-relevant soft skills training, professional development, and guidance on small business ownership.


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