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New York is one of just a few states that require live and field training to become a licensed home inspector. And it was one of the only remaining states in which Edcetera’s Inspection Certification Associates (ICA) still needed to receive approval. But now, we can officially check it off the list! ICA, one of the nation’s premier home inspection programs, has been designated a New York state-approved provider of home inspection training.

This is an exciting accomplishment all around. Not only is it significant considering the strict standards New York sets to earn approval, but it also allows Edcetera to serve more up-and-coming home inspectors on their career journey. The average income for a home inspector in the state is approximately $92,992 annually, according to, and ICA offers a full spectrum of tools and support that equip professionals to reach such levels.

Home inspections are a critical part of the home buying process and will become increasingly more important as mortgage rates increase and home buyers want to ensure they make an informed decision regarding their home purchase. In addition to being a service that is always in need, becoming a home inspector provides many benefits that make it a fulfilling, sustainable and lucrative career. For many, the opportunity to set their own schedule, whether full-time or part-time, makes it an appealing career path. In addition, being a home inspector allows the opportunity to be your own boss and provide a valuable service to one’s community. 

ICA provides students with course materials to meet all New York’s education requirements, including the 140 hours that must be fulfilled. The program offers the first 100 hours through a live webinar students can take where it is convenient for them. The remaining 40 hours of field training are provided under the direct supervision of a home inspector licensed by the New York Department of State. ICA also provides board exam preparation courses to ensure students are prepared to succeed on the state-required written exam.

In addition to working closely with organizations such as the American Society of Home Inspectors to ensure that our training aligns with industry standards, Edcetera provides students across the industries it serves with upskilling resources to help prepare them to run their own businesses and achieve success. Serving both the career they have today as well as the career they aspire to have tomorrow, Edcetera provides all of the tools needed to grow a business by providing additional peer-to-peer led courses that take users to the next level. Through Edcetera Home Inspection, ICA’s online student success portal, home inspection students have access to on-demand videos, bonus courses, a Facebook community, and expert webinars that share business and industry best practices. 

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